Bio or more months of absence by a parent led to bigger problems for younger students, particularly for middle school students. it/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/f728bd5926efe72623d2be5d45a126ec-448×600. jpg” alt=”f728bd5926efe72623d2be5d45a126ec” width=”361″ height=”483″ />Designer delights where gold and stones converse in a perfect equilibrium, and the search for form finds its accomplishment in unique pieces that are exclusively Italian. Jewels that are inspired by art, by watch mechanics and the innovation of Art Nouveau – which sees in applied art the creation of unique objects and the power of materials – and by the sculpture and structure of the Bauhaus school, with its highly feminine mark. Like the hands of the female artists who work at the Nouveau endeavour, who through their craftsmanship, create moving, original jewels that vibrate with Energy. The Energy of the hearts that create them, and the energy of the people that wear them. Treasures that lend beauty, light, and style. Born from passion. For all women. .